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How One Couple Saved Their Trees (and Helped Others Do the Same))

How Robert Summers and Maria Caceres Saved Dying Trees with Deep Root Watering

We didn't set out to create a product, we set out to save a bunch of trees on our family property in Pasadena, CA.

When we consulted with a tree "expert" on what to do with our aging trees, we were told they couldn't survive any longer. We weren't ready to give up that easily.

They were mistaken. The trees could be saved with the right care. They just weren't getting the right amounts of what they needed—water and fertilizer. The issue was getting water and fertilizer to the roots of large old trees and not losing it to evaporation and runoff at the surface.

While working to save our dying trees, we determined that deep watering was the solution. There were no products to help us effectively and efficiently do so, however, so we developed the idea for the Root Quencher.

 The Root Quencher was birthed out of a need and desire to save our trees.

Watch the video for the full story!

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