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How Root Quencher Works

How to efficiently water plants with Root Quencher

In this short video, Root Quencher CEO, Maria Caceres explains how Root Quencher products work to bring water and nutrients directly to a plants roots without wasting resources.

Root Quencher quickly and easily connects to your existing irrigation line or hose. Learn the specifics of how it works to save water and ensure your plants are getting what they need, where they need it—their roots. 

Root Quencher can be easily adjusted from a depth of 9" to 22" inches, depending on your plant or tree roots and soil conditions.

Once Root Quencher is connected to a water source, it's time to start bringing the water and fertilizer to your roots. Easily adjust the water flow with a ground-level valve and deliver nutrients directly to your plant's roots by pouring liquid or granular fertilizer right in the Root Quencher. Using Root Quencher in combination with quality fertilizer will ensure you are giving your plants and tree the best nourishment and care possible.

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