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The Health Benefits of Composting for You and Your Garden

Organic compost is better than any fertilizer you can buy at a store, especially when it is made specifically for the local growing region and types of plants you will be using it on.

Is Locally Made Compost Better for Plants?

Yes! Doctors and scientists have done many studies on the value of using locally made compost, paying special attention to farmers' markets, local growing, and the health not just to landscape, but also to the individuals who eat the produce grown in it. The food that you eat goes into the compost that feeds the plants that feed you. It’s a virtuous cycle. 

Microbiology, in general, is showing to have tremendous abilities to heal our planet and the people on it. Compost works much in the way that probiotics and prebiotics work to improve our gut health. Just as they can heal our bodies, compost can heal the earth and revive undernourished plants. It’s like yogurt, kimchi, or kombucha for the earth. Pretty cool, right?! 


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