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Changing The World One Garden at A Time

Finally, a way to save money watering trees and plants!

Before developing the Root Quencher™ line of products, I had been frustrated for years trying to figure out how to get enough water to our trees while not flooding normal planters. The water bills had gotten out of control and a lot of my more deep-rooted landscaping was failing to thriving. I needed a smart way to deliver enough water to quench the roots of fruit trees, ornamental trees, and bushes without wasting water.

As for fertilizing, I’d been struggling with putting down fertilizers on the ground, scratching it into the surface around the drip line, and watering it in, hoping it wasn't fully displaced before reaching roots that were 9 to 22 inches under the surface. It never seemed quite right or sensible to me.

We developed Root Quencher™ to add nutrients while saving money watering our trees

As I installed early prototypes of the Root Quencher, I found I could use less water, control the flow to balance zones in regular planting beds or lawn areas, while simultaneously helping my overall landscaping thrive. I’d rejected the notion that somehow an expensive subsurface drip system could give my landscape the right amount of water and could work in conjunction with existing sprinkler systems. Short of tearing out all of my residential irrigation systems and starting over, I had no legitimate option but to develop the Root Quencher as the solution.

Proudly Woman and minority owned, with development and manufacturing in the USA!

In Deep Irrigation is both a woman-owned and minority-owned business. Our products are made in the USA—specifically in California—and cater to the needs of Southern Californians looking to get the most enjoyment out of their gardens—and to save water and costs along the way!

With a modern design, the Root Quencher works by providing deep root irrigation to help you overcome drought and save money while watering trees, bushes, shrubs, gardens, and other plants.

This water efficient system can be adjusted based on the depth of the roots and soil conditions. As an all-in-one deep root watering tool, it can connect to water sources via a sprinkler system, drip irrigation system, or regular garden hose. Not only is it a breaktrhough underground irrigation system, it makes it applying fertilizer easy via the top removable cap.

We know you will enjoy using our line of deep watering products and look forward to your feedback! Connect with our team to tell us about your unique deep watering needs so we can help you determine the RQ system that is right for you. We can also tell detail the simple installation process or help you place your order.


From left to right: Elizabeth Summers (Robert's Mother), Pasadena, CA 1955. Young Robert
Summers, Pasadena, CA 1968. Robert H. Summers (Robert's Father), Idyllwild, CA, 1955.


Nurturing a Legacy

In Deep Irrigation was created out of our love for plants, trees, bushes, and the need to care for them properly.

Growing up, I watched my parents avidly pursue knowledge about plants and trees through formal education. Google didn't exist back then, so neither did immediate answers. They had do do extensive research to learn what they needed. There was no Home Depot either, so they even mixed their own fertilizers. I watched them tend to their many fruit trees, regular trees, bushes, flowers, and other plants around our property. I remember my father installing irrigation systems all over the yard that my uncle had designed. His brilliant use of water and the manipulation of water drops to cut down on misting and evaporation were cutting edge in the 1960s and 1970s and remain very relevant today.