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Reduce Outside Water Usage by 50%

It is widely known that water delivered through spray heads evaporates at a rate of 30-50% therefore causing significant water waste.
The use of bubblers lessens evaporation but ultimately for the most efficient use of water, drip irrigation in conjunction with Root Quenchers is the most efficient use of our most precious resource. The Root Quencher itself eliminates evaporation and it is believed to be extremely effective is the reduction of water use by delivering water directly to the roots. Some studies have shown as much as a 70% reduction in outdoor water consumption.


Eliminate Broken Sprinkler Heads

There is nothing worse than getting that dreaded phone call from a neighbor that your sprinklers are pouring water down the street. Sprinklers are prone to breaking leaking and otherwise malfunctioning either causing huge water loss or plant loss.
The Root Quencher is a subsurface watering device that is immune to such breakage and failures being that its underground and not susceptible to breakage due to lawn mowers and humans. While the Root Quencher still requires some basic maintenance it will never fail to deliver water where its needed and is not in any path to be damaged or broken.


Improve Plant and Tree Health

Delivering water and nutrients directly to the roots of trees and shrubs will improve their health and more effectively utilize water. The Root Quencher delivers water, fertilizer and some pest controls subsurface directly to the roots bypassing the process we are all used to of watering and fertilizing at the surface and hoping it gets to the roots. The Root Quencher effectively opens a portal to the roots of your precious landscape so they can be fed and nourished more effectively


Significantly Increase Fruit Yields

The use of Root Quenchers in your yard will improve soil conditions, bring water and nutrients directly to the roots of your fruit trees and allow you special access to feed, nourish and treat pests in your yard or orchard. In our 4 year study of Root Quencher efficacy we have seen exponential growth increases over traditional irrigation and huge increases in fruit yields.