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Andy Humphrey
The Sprinkler Nerd Show

Green Industry influencers Andy blah tells us what you're offering, and the form header closes the deal. Over here you can explain why your offer is so great it's worth filling out a form for.


Kathryn Emery
Home Improvement & Lifestyle Expert


TV personality for home improvement. 


Randy Schultz
Home Garden and Homestead

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Christine Lenches-Hinkel
301 Organics

Its easy and inexpensive to start recycling your own personal natural resources, automating your irrigation system and committing to deep watering and using
 the compost you make to help feed your plants and tree. It’s good for the environment but its GREAT for you, the health of your family and its fun when you see the results.


Sandy Lee
All Star American Promotions/Smart Timer Rebate

Smart Timer Rebate, an EPA WaterSense Partner,  helps homeowners and commercial properties upgrade from an outdated sprinkler controller to a ‘Smart Timer’ that:
Saves water by automatically adjusting to weather & type of vegetation

  • Saves money by reducing the water bill during winter months
  • Can be remotely operated
  • Receives a CA rebate - 100% covered in Pasadena
  • $80 - $200 rebate in other cities

Being that water is precious and an expensive resource, Sandy Lee, the Founder of Smart Timer Rebate, is eager to help as many people redeem this time-sensitive gift from Pasadena Water & Power (and most other water agencies).  



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Greg  Nieworld
Power Planter



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Dowell Design

Pilar Dowell