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Nourish your trees & shrubs with ease with Root Quencher. Simple to set up. 

Innovative Subsurface Watering and Irrigation System

Your garden & trees deserve better! The Root Quencher is a subsurface watering device and irrigation system that is installed directly underground. Our innovative root water system can deliver water efficiently to trees, shrubs, and gardens, all while eliminating evaporation and effectively saving 50%+ in water usage.

This residential garden irrigation system not only makes fertilizing easy but may help reduce water bills. It can connect to your sprinkler system to automate deep root irrigation, allowing your trees and plants to gain more nutrients. For more information about the Root Quencher, we welcome you to connect with the team at In Deep Irrigation or to order your watering systems today.


Depending on soil conditions and tree size, you may need multiple Root Quenchers  

Your Trees Deserve Better! Order your Root Quencher.

  • Reduce Your Water Bill
  • Help Trees Grow More
  • Produce More Fruit
  • Makes Fertilizing Easy
  • Automate Deep Watering
  • Promote Deep Root Growth

Give your trees and plants the care they deserve!


Reduce Outside
Water Bill by 50%


Eliminate Broken Sprinkler Heads


Improve Plant & Tree Health


Significantly Increase Fruit Yields

As Seen on TV!

Everybody is talking about Root Quencher!

The Root Quencher is one of this year's hottest products! Create the landscape of your dreams and enjoy the green space you've always wanted. 

Root Quencher has been featured on media outlets including:

  • KTLA 
  • Fox San Diego
  • Acreage Life Magazine
  • Cheddar News
HubSpot Video

Watch home improvement and lifestyle expert Kathryn Emery as she talks about the benefits of the Root Quencher

Easy to Install - Anyone can do it!


Dig a hole 


Connect to a Water Source

HubSpot Video

Turn on water adjust the volume

Easily Adjusts to Any Environment & Season


Adjustable Volume


Adjustable Length


Full Integration

Subsurface Watering Made Simple

Order Your Root QuencherTM

"In Deep Irrigation is both a woman-owned and minority-owned business. Their products are made in the USA, specifically in California, and cater to the needs of Southern Californians looking to get the most enjoyment out of their gardens—and to save water and costs along the way!" - Andy Humphrey, The Sprinkler Nerd
"It's super easy to install! You dig a hole by plants, bushes, and trees. There are three different sizes based on how deep the roots go. You can attach it to an irrigation system or on its own. I just love it." - Kathryn Gallagher Emery, TV Host
"The Root Quencher also makes it easy to fertilize trees. The closed bottom of the device allows for fertilizer application and mixing right inside the Root Quencher. Plus, directional plugs are available to block the water flow in single tree/shrub applications." - Randall D. Schultz, Acreage Life Magazine

Get the Root QuencherTM