Frequently Asked Questions About Deep Root Irrigation

Can I use a Root Quencher® if I don’t have a sprinkler system?

IDI sells the parts to connect the RQ to a hose bib and we even sell hose bib timers, so no, you do not need a sprinkler system.

Is it possible to water too much through the RQ?

Yes it is, and when setting the RQ valve, be conservative on water and set it to fi ll once during the cycle (1 gallon).

 Won’t the RQ damage existing roots if I drill a hole for installation?

We have not experienced any root damage to installs with existing trees and bushes, although you do want to be careful selecting an area to dig or drill.

 Does the Root Quencher attract roots and fill up with roots and bust in a short period of time?

No, in fact after over 3 years of testing we have not seen any devices attract or fill with roots. However if roots started growing inside the device is easy to clean out

 Can I fertilize using the RQ?

Yes, the RQ is designed for liquid or granular fertilizers as well as pest treatments very effectively.

Can I use granular fertilizers in the RQ?

Granular fertilizers can be used in the RQ, although our testing shows that liquid fertilizers are more effective.

 Do I have to dilute liquid fertilizers before I pour into the RQ?

No, we recommend putting straight liquid fertilizer in the chambers and allow it to mix i n the RQ and dispense to the roots

 Can I install the RQ in a drip system?

Yes you can, ideally to a ½ drip line directly into the valve on the RQ. Be careful to balance volume between the RQ and the rest of the system

 What is the difference between the RQ and Rainbird’s RWS?

The RWS has several different sizes available and you have to know the soil conditions and tree needs before buying. Also there is no way to increase or decrease water volume in the RWS and no practical way to fertilize in their device. With the Root Quencher you can adjust the flow, the depth of the device and mix fertilizer in the chamber. One size fits all needs

 How does the RQ differ from the Tree Gator?

The Tree Gator is a bag that is placed around the tree trunk filled with water that seeps into the ground to water. The RQ waters in the ground at the roots.

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