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Cultivated by a Father's Love and Legacy

Behind every successful company lies an origin story, here's Root Quencher's. Discover the enormous impact one father had on this brand.

Behind Every Successful Company Lies An Origin Story

As Father's Day approaches, it's important for us at Root Quencher to reflect on the immeasurable impact fathers have on our lives. They instill values, impart wisdom, and inspire us to push ourselves even when their time on earth has come to an end.

Behind every successful company lies an origin story, and ours is deeply embedded in the relationship between our founder, Robert, and his father.

An Engineer and a Chemist, Robert’s parents fostered an amazing environment of learning. They also fueled his passion for plants by placing importance on every square inch of their landscaping, carefully calculating every detail, from irrigation to aesthetics, mixing their own soils and fertilizers, and fully immersing themselves in the art of irrigation and landscaping. Robert’s parents bought a property in 1955 with the vision of turning it into a Mountain Oasis.

His father carefully planned the detail of the home, garden, and overall landscaping. He cared for the property until he no longer could and after his passing, Robert made it his mission to revitalize the plants and trees that most horticulturists and arborists said were beyond saving. So you see, Root Quencher was born out of inspiration from the legacy of wisdom, hard work, and the desire to save and revitalize gardens and is an extraordinary innovation rooted in the love and dedication of fathers.

Because of this, we wanted to do something special for Father’s Day. So we developed three separate bundles to help others revitalize their own landscapes and gardens. 

 The Father's Day special pricing has come and gone, but the bundles were so popular that we decided to make them available year-round, including the most popular option, The Big Daddy Bundle (which saves you $100+).

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