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How to Deep Root Water and Irrigate Your Trees & Shrubs

Deep Root Watering 101 for those looking to properly irrigate trees and shrubs. Learn how to effectively and efficiently deliver water and fertilizer to the roots of your trees and...

Deep Root Watering 101 and How to Properly Irrigate Trees and Shrubs

Every landscape and garden enthusiast wants to know - how do you effectively and efficiently deliver water and fertilizer to the roots of your trees and shrubs?

The idea for effective plant, tree, and shrub growth through deep root watering can be called a few different things including:

Whatever term you want to use is fine with us, but the point is to effectively, and efficiently deliver water to the roots of your trees and shrubs.

Why Deep Root Watering Has Become Increasingly Important 

In places like California, drought has seriously impacted water usage. Many folks are watering less to save on water bills, but their plants are suffering. Efficiently watering your trees and shrubs is possible, it's just about knowing how to do so.

With most irrigation practices, the water is being distributed above ground, whether it be via a drip system, sprinklers, or a hand-held hose and spray nozzle. In each of these cases, though, much of the water is not reaching the part of the plant that needs it most—the roots. 

Avoiding evaporation and broken sprinkler systems that fail to deliver water to the roots is key.

So what's the solution to deep root watering? Glad you asked!

When you're considering the best ways to get water directly to your trees and shrubs you need something that distributes the water underground.  Root Quencher is a great solution for this. The watering distribution device is underground but it connects to the various sprinkler systems and is managed on the surface. The underground tube has several holes that allow the water to leach into the ground, directing the water to the roots of trees, shrubs, and plants without losing any of it to evaporation or runoff. 

When we developed Root Quencher, we weren't setting out to create a product, we were actually looking to save a bunch of trees from our family property in Pasadena, CA. The experts told us to dig up the trees, that they were dead and couldn't be revived. We disagreed and set out to find a solution! That's when we discovered deep root watering and started to employ it.

We successfully brought our trees back from the dead. Deep root watering and fertilizer worked! Now we're offering Root Quencher to more people and more places than ever before. Not only does it save money on your water bill, but it also helps produce the kind of landscape you've always wanted. Plus, we're now offering Root Quencher installation services and landscape services to offer you the full landscape solution. 

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you create the landscape you've always wanted. Start with Root Quencher. 

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