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Our Core Values Run Deep

When we first learned that the beautiful trees and plants my parents had planted were unhealthy, Maria and I were determined to find a way to save them while positively...

When we first learned that the beautiful trees and plants my parents had planted were unhealthy, Maria and I were determined to find a way to save them while positively impacting the environment. Like humans, we know that trees and plants thrive when given healthy nutrients and optimal hydration levels. We aimed to find an eco-friendly method to provide these items to our trees and plants. Leveraging our love for science, we set out to design a device to save our beautiful gardens.

We quickly learned that being true to one's values and creating a practical product is challenging. We could have taken shortcuts or dropped specific goals, but we were resolute in our aim. After several trials, we developed the first Root Quencher prototype. We created a deep-root watering device based on our understanding of the advantages of subsurface watering and the amazing principle of capillary action. Almost instantly, we noticed reduced water bills, a dramatic reduction in weeds, and decreased soil erosion and compaction around our gardens. We also saw fewer pests and fungi in our yard (no more pooling water on the surface to attract these garden destroyers!). We also capitalized on the scientific property of diffusion when creating our first Root Quencher. We purposefully designed the device to accept nutrients and fertilizers in addition to water. This ability provided us with a better way to utilize our compost. The Root Quencher allowed us to put our compost back into the soil to nourish our trees and plants. Within weeks, we noticed a positive change in our gardens as our trees and plants began to absorb more nutrients.

As we watched our garden flourish, Maria and I knew we had to share our product with others. We wanted other gardeners, landscapers, and homeowners nationwide to experience the benefits of Root Quenchers. We also knew that introducing our devices to others could make an even more significant impact on the environment.

So here we are four years in and going strong. Business has never been better, and we are continuing to chart our course for the future using scientifically backed data and eco-friendly practices. Our product line now includes three devices to accommodate plants and trees of all sizes. We consistently run data tests and scientific experiments to ensure our products function optimally. We also use our data to refine our devices when needed. (Sitting back on our laurels will not help the environment or our loyal customers!) In addition, Root Quencher has teamed up with other talented partners so that we can offer our customers a one-stop shopping experience for all of their watering needs.

Without a doubt, the most rewarding part of owning Root Quencher for the past four years has been the relationships we have formed. The communal feel within the gardening and landscape world is overwhelming. Finding like-minded individuals who love nature and the environment like we do makes every day fulfilling. We love sharing knowledge and ideas and supporting our friends in their gardening pursuits. Collectively and purposefully, we can positively impact our environment by Rethinking The Way We Water!
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