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Here Are The Best Ways To Garden

The Health Benefits of Composting for You and Your Garden

Organic compost is better than any fertilizer you can buy at a store, especially when it is made specifically for the local growing region and types of plants you will...

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How to Deep Root Water and Irrigate Your Trees & Shrubs

Deep Root Watering 101 for those looking to properly irrigate trees and...

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Growing Your Own Produce in a Greenhouse

Most avid gardeners have considered a greenhouse but have not taken the...

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Deep Root Irrigation Made Simple

How to simplify your deep root watering process  Root Quencher CEO, Maria...

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How To Set up Your Root Quencher in 5 Minutes or Less

Root Quencher easy setup guide with co-founder, Robert Summers!  Setting up an underground irrigation system can be so easy and all you really need is 5 minutes. Watch the video...

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