Power Planter

Power Planter Auger 428


The Easiest Way to Dig a Hole for Your Root Quencher

This auger easily attaches to most large electric drills. With it,  you’ll have the power to dig perfectly-sized holes with exceptional ease. Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a weekend gardener with a lot of space to cover, this auger makes your work a lot easier.

Features and Benefits of Power Planter Auger 428H

  • Professional grade, heavy-duty auger
  • 10-gauge lighting doubles the efficiency
  • Solid Design With Extra Thick U.S. Steel Shafts And Flighting
  • Balanced Design Minimizes Vibrations
  • Perfectly sized for digging holes for Root Quencher products.
Ships within 24 hours | Drill Motor Not Included


Installation with auger


Installing The Root Quencher