Power Planter

Power Planter Auger 4" x 28"

Short Description

Powerful and professional, our Large Bulb Auger is the best tool for planting bulbs and digging post holes quickly and efficiently. This auger measures 4 inches in diameter by 28 inches long, and it includes a heavy-duty, 1-inch shaft made of 100% steel. Choose between an auger for Light-Medium Duty work for home use or Heavy Duty work for professional use. 

Soil or Use

Ideal Tool for Installing Root Quencher Systems

The Power Planter Large Bulb Auger isn't just for planting bulbs. It's also ideally built for installing Root Quencher deep watering systems. With the auger’s 4-inch diameter, you can simply drill a hole and install the root quencher to give your plants all the water they need right where they need it. 

For the 4-inch auger, we recommend using a large cordless drill with a 1/2-inch hex drive with this large, long-handled bulb planter auger. This product will fit ½-in drills, and our cordless electric drill bundle provides the power you need PLUS a bonus battery and box – available only from Power Planter! Purchase the threaded adapter with your heavy-duty variant of this auger to fit your Stihl BT45 Powerheads.

Best Use

Light-Medium Duty Suggested Use

  • Home - casual use 
  • Great for all soils except rocky or hard clay
  • Plant up to quart-sized bedding plants
  • Plant smaller (up to 1 gallon) shrubs
  • Bulb planting 2 -3 bulbs in a single hole
  • Installing Root Quencher watering systems
  • Plant perennials or succulents in your garden
  • Installing small fence posts

Heavy-Duty Suggested Use

  • Professional Landscapers and mass plantings
  • Great for all soils, including hard, rocky, clay soil
  • Plant up to quart-sized bedding plants
  • Plant smaller shrubs (up to 1 gallon)
  • 2-3 bulbs in a single hole
  • Plant perennials and succulents in your garden
  • Installing small fence posts
  • Drill a series of holes and then clear out loose soil to create a shallow trench
  • Fits ½ inch drills with the included adapter, 7/16 Quick Attach drills, or the Stihl BT45 (sold separately) with a threaded adapter. Once the Stihl BT45 has loosened tough soil, you can then use this tool with a cordless drill for more precise or extended digging.
  • Use with a Power Planter Extender for: 
  • Added depth for pole hole drilling
  • Added reach to bore under a sidewalk for a gutter extension
Soil or Use

Installation with auger


Installing The Root Quencher