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RQ_FB_SaveH20_V9The Root Quencher™ is a sub-surface watering device for trees and shrubs.

Keeping your trees and plants properly hydrated and fed (all in cost-effective and environmentally-friendly ways) has been a challenge for decades.

The Root Quencher was born out of the desire for better fruit crops as well as the ability to conserve water and to effectively get water & nourishment to landscaping.

Sustainability is Built into Root QuencherTM 

Did you know that about 50% of water is lost using sprinklers due to evaporation at the head and once it hits the ground?
With the Root QuencherTM, there is zero evaporation because it waters underground - right at the roots.


Adjustable Valve


Adjustable Length


Full Integration

RQ1-1-year-Guarantee1-Year Guarantee
We guarantee it won’t break, or we’ll replace it for free.

Watch How QuencherTM Works

"As I installed early prototypes of the Root Quencher™, I found that I could use less water, control the flow to balance zones that contained regular planting beds or grass, as well as help my landscaping thrive."

- Robert Summers, In Deep Irrigation Founder

Our products are made in the USA, specifically in California, and cater to the needs of Southern Californians looking to get the most enjoyment out of their gardens—and to save water and costs along the way.

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